What a Birthday Bash

June 16, 2018

Hi Everyone!

All my life I have been in love with maps and towns—especially Canada. As a boy, it seemed like the toughest hockey players came from Saskatchewan—Flin-Flon, Moose Jaw, Saskatoon, Prince Albert. So, for my 70th birthday which took place in March, my kids took me on a tour of those (and other) Saskatchewan cities. My wonderful wife took care of home and hearth and dog.

Then my daughter posted the piece below on her website along with us at the statue of the giant moose (where else but in Moose Jaw?).

My best to all Dad’s (alive and passed) and to the children who love them!


My dad Has Always Wanted to Go to Saskatchewan.


Some people have safari on their bucket list.  Others a trans-Atlantic cruise.

Not my dad. He has always wanted to go to the Canadian equivalent of North Dakota.

Greetings this Father's Day from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

My brother, dad and I have been to every Canadian sporting museum in a 500 mile radius.

I now know what a Canadian hockey hat trick is (a goal, an assist, and a fight).

My dad is cool in part because he has absolutely no idea that he is cool. 

He taught me I could do anything in life so long as I used logic as a guide.

In Southwest Ohio, years before I knew what Pride Month was, he taught me to love everyone.  "Live and let live," he still says.

We'll head back on Saturday and have stories to share of the Canadian plains.